For more than thirty-five years, Jennings Sigmond has specialized in the representation of labor organizations, union affiliated Employee Benefit Plans and the promotion and protection of worker rights. Today, the law firm is considered as one of the best in its fields of specialty throughout the region and the country.

​Partners in the law firm have been recognized for their expertise in such publications as The Best Lawyers in America (Naifeh & Smith), Pennsylvania Super Lawyers and Philadelphia’s Best Lawyers (Philadelphia Magazine). A spirit of enthusiasm and dedication to workers rights, along with substantial expertise, is brought to each case for which the firm is engaged.

​The law firm employs approximately 25 members and support staff, including attorneys and legal assistants. Its clientele includes labor organizations that represent workers throughout the private and public sectors, including various construction trades, manufacturing and service unions, police, firefighters, teachers, corrections officers and administrative personnel. The law firm currently represents more than 80 labor organizations and affiliated employee benefit plans, including international, regional and local labor organizations and related entities.


​Jennings Sigmond has represented scores of labor organizations and the interests of tens of thousands of workers throughout the country. In addition to providing expertise in federal and state labor laws, our attorneys emphasize the need to work closely with and educate the Union leadership in all matters that are important to the effective representation of workers and their families.

​Representation by the law firm may include: counseling the Union leadership concerning issues relating to the Union structure and membership rights; preparation and enforcement of the labor organization Constitution and By-Laws; compliance with governmental regulations; negotiation of collection bargaining agreements; Act 111 cases; Act 195 cases; enforcement of labor contracts; grievance and arbitration proceedings; litigation, including all phases of trial and appellate work in the federal and state court systems; assisting in the conduct of organizing campaigns; NLRB and PLRB representation and unfair labor practice cases; counseling and advice relating to internal union affairs, including disciplinary actions; and, all forms of interaction or representation involving governmental agencies, including, but not limited to, the United States Department of Labor, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board, the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, Workers Compensation issues, Internal Revenue Service compliance proceedings, EEOC and Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission matters.

​The law firm emphasizes close and continuing communications with its clients to assist the Union leadership in understanding the many complex problems and issues that the Union leader is required to manage in our society. Our role as counselors to assist the Union includes the availability of an attorney at all times to respond to questions and emergencies, the scheduling of routine meetings or telephone conferences to respond to questions or issues as they develop and the conduct of periodic meetings or conferences with Union staff to discuss ongoing or new legal developments.

​A representative list of the law firm’s labor organization clientele and references is available upon request.


​In addition to its representation of international, regional and local labor organizations, the law firm also has a substantial expertise in the representation of Employee Benefit Plans and a dedicated staff that specializes in the complex governmental regulations that are so important to employee rights.

Attorneys in the law firm serve as General Counsel to the International Painters and Allied Trades Industry Pension Fund and the National Stabilization Agreement of the Sheet Metal Industry Trust Fund, in addition to representing more than 40 other employee benefit plans having an aggregate value in the billions of dollars. These Funds include pension plans, annuity plans, health and welfare plans, apprentice training funds, scholarship funds and other forms of regulated benefit plans.

The law firm’s expertise and experience includes: counseling and advice to Boards of Trustees and Fund fiduciaries; creation and structuring of Employee Benefit Plans; preparation of Trust documents and Benefit Plan documents; research and analytical work in conjunction with Fund consultants, including health consultants, actuaries and auditors; representation and advice on claims and appeals issues; preparation of contractual documents; preparation and analysis of investment related documents; negotiations with insurance providers and other service providers; the representation of the Plan and its Trustees in all forms of claims and contract litigation; the representation of the Plan and Trustees in appellate litigation; bankruptcy matters; Fund mergers and reorganizations; representation in federal taxation and regulatory matters; collection and withdrawal liability matters; and, representation of the Plan or Fund, or its Trustees, in matters involving governmental agencies such as the United States Department of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

​A representative list of the law firm’s Employee Benefit Plan clientele and references is available upon request.


​Jennings Sigmond is a recognized leader in all types of work-related disability claims for union clients and their individual members under the Heart and Lung Act (Act 632/534), and the Workers’ Compensation Act, in furtherance of its mission to aggressively and effectively advocate the rights of workers and their families. Our lawyers are committed to the protection of the rights of the injured worker to just compensation, whether before workers’ compensation judges or commissioners, disability arbitrators, or the courts.


​ The law firm’s attorneys have substantial experience in numerous types of labor and employment matters, including complex cases involving:

  • Collective bargaining negotiations
  • Contract litigation
  • Grievance and arbitration hearings (private and public sector)
  • Contract enforcement cases
  • Employee organizing campaigns
  • Drafting or amendment of employee benefit structural and plan documents
  • Formation of employee benefit plans
  • Representation of Boards of Trustees and fiduciaries
  • Fiduciary liability litigation
  • ERISA claim litigation
  • ERISA withdrawal liability cases
  • ERISA delinquency cases
  • False Claims litigation
  • PBGC matters


  • Act 111 interest arbitrations
  • Act 195 interest arbitration cases
  • Injunction cases
  • NLRB representation cases
  • NLRB unfair labor practice proceedings
  • PLRB representation and unfair labor practice proceedings
  • Labor/anti trust cases
  • Department of Labor audits and investigations
  • Pa HRC cases
  • Disability cases
  • Workers compensation cases
  • Heart & Lung hearings
  • EEOC cases
  • Employment discrimination cases
  • Civil Service hearings